Snare/Rush zine is an occasional printed zine covering extreme / experimental electronic music, of pretty much any genre as long as I like it.

Featuring music and gig reviews, interviews, diagrams, opinions, photographs, art and lists of things plus whatever else seems to fit.  Published whenever I have enough relevant content, roughly twice yearly.  Thank you for your interest and supporting independent music / press!

>>> www.snarerush.limitedrun.com <<<

September 2020

I have decided to pause my work on the Snare Rush project for the time being.  There are some impending life changes on the horizon (plague has thrown my plans out of the window a bit but they will still be happening).  I appreciate all of the support I have had with the zine over the past four years.

Digital copies of issues 1-5 are now available on my limited run website, pay what you want and print your own.  Limited copies of issue 7 still remain.  I may add additional copies of back issues if they become available when I have a clear out ahead of moving house.

I am now producing music as Soloman Tump - link to bandcamp page  here