An electronic music zine

February 2018

Following the sad news of the passing of Tomas Denis, AKA Qebrus, I have uploaded Issue#3 of Snare/Rush zine earlier than planned so that our interview with him can be read by all.

RIP Qebrus, your music will live on with us forever.

There are  a few paper copies of the zine left if you wish to make a purchase / trade.

Working on Issue#4 of the zine now....


  • An interview with Oxford based drone-wizard Lee Riley
  • A review of my experiences at Supernormal Festival 2017
  • An interview with the electronic alien life form known as Qebrus
  • Bad artist names
  • An introduction to ⠽D⠑E⠎T⠙H⠕W⠕A⠍V⠼E⠃ 
  • A music / numbers quiz
  • Music and literature reviews
  • Techno Topographia: EU & Russia & slightly beyond edition
  • News, artwork, lists, stuff and more things
24 black and white A5 pages with hand coloured finish and notes.
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Limited quantities of issue 2 still available for a bargain of £1 via BLISST or PayPal.

Also now available on-line in bare bones pdf format (see below) but limited paper copies still available from us with added sketches / notes / colouring.

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